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JT ActionCamper TC - Gladiator Truck Cap
The JT ActionCamper TC - Gladiator Truck Cap is made of fiberglass. The roof has a honeycomb reinforcement and in the front 3rd a raised surface to mount a skylight with LED lights, pleated shade and bug screen. We are working on variants with side alu panel doors, camper style windows with pleated shades and bug screens; a rear slide-out version to extend to 6'2" interior lenth; there are surfaces on the roof top to install a optional roof rack and a internal roll bar to support it; in the rear is a camera mount surface in case you opt for all panes instead of windows; the inside is covered with carpet; a stainless steel plate replaces the tailgate plastic trim to create a nerrow gap between the tailgate and rear window panel; the included C-clamps come with standard and rail mount adapters.
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